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Recycled materials

In ECOCITOR, we want to promote technological development while protecting the planet. This is why we use recycled polluting waste as our raw materials. This prevents the extraction of new organic and mineral resources, and allows us to recycle these same materials further down the line, contributing to a cleaner home for all of us. As part of this commitment, we are also developing new electrodes and solvents free of dangerous or toxic chemicals.

High performace

Despite the many advantages of supercapacitors, limitations related to the amount of energy they can store still hinder their implementation. Our unique nanomaterials, designs, and internal topology give our supercapacitors the potential to offer above-market specific energy while retaining the traditional supercapacitor’s strong points, such as quick reaction time or extreme durability.

Competitive cost

High performing supercapacitors can be found in the market at alarmingly inefficient costs. Thanks to our original techniques and materials, supercapacitors based on our technology can be produced at a more competitive rate, without sacrificing quality. This will allow cutting-edge nanotechnology to reach a wider market and become more accessible to the public, while sustainably using nanomaterials derived from common waste rather than rare and expensive ones.